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Sai Jaiden Lillith has been a notable figure in the sexual wellness industry since 2015, boasting experience with renowned establishments like Sydney's prestigious Temple 22 and the Kastle.

Their expertise is broad and well-rounded, having collaborated with and garnered knowledge from numerous domestic and global professionals in the field.

Their credentials further shine as they've showcased their skills at events like OzKinkFest and Sexpo, played pivotal roles in organizing events, and pioneered inclusive queer-friendly environments in cities such as Sydney (Sanctuary) and Melbourne.

In addition to these accomplishments, Sai Jaiden Lillith holds a significant role at Domina Parties and has orchestrated memorable gatherings in locations including Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Whether you're just beginning your journey or seeking to explore deeper, intense experiences, Sai Jaiden Lillith welcomes a range of inquiries and engagements. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions and explore the benefits of BDSM.

In interactions with them, rest assured you're entering a space of understanding and acceptance, where you'll feel genuinely acknowledged, valued, and supported.

We, as humans, inherently seek connection.

Tapping into our sensual energies forms an integral and magnificent facet of our being.

Each of us harbors distinct and individual yearnings.

So, what truly ignites your passion?

Desire to channel your sensual forces for metamorphosis and rejuvenation?

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Bondage / Shibari

Shibari is the ancient Japanese art of rope bondage, and is used in BDSM and kink play. Shibari can be used to create beautiful and intricate patterns on the body, or to restrain and dominate a partner.

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Explore your particular sexual fetish. This can involve the use of specific clothing, props, and/or various activities to heighten sexual arousal, including (but not limited to) foot fetishes, bondage fetishes, and role-playing fetishes.



Discipline in BDSM is the practice in which the Dominant sets rules which the Submissive is expected to obey. When these rules are broken, punishment is used as a means of disciplining. Explore the benefits of BDSM.

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Role Play

Role playing is a form of improvisational play where a situation and roles are assumed. It is a way to explore new sexual concepts or arousals, and different possible outcomes, in a safe manner.


Sadism & Emotional Catharsis

The act of receiving pain can be intensely sexual gratifying, and can release deep-seated emotions. This can take the form of physical or psychological manipulation.

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BDSM Training

Sai Jaiden Lillith’s BDSM training can be one of the most exciting trainings your can undertake, and add spice to your relationship. A well-trained Sub can serve you in the full capacity that you desire.

Loved by Many

“I was nervous about my time with Mistress Lillith, but I had no need to be. Within minutes she had me under her spell, eagerly awaiting each delicious new sensation. She expertly teased me and toyed with me, reading my body beautifully. She was very attentive, incorporating all of the elements I had mentioned wonderfully, as well as delightful and unexpected surprises. My only regret? Being so blissed out and in my body that I didn’t open my eyes more to drink in her stunning image above me. I cannot recommend making time to see Mistress Lillith highly enough, a truly incredible experience awaits you!”
Nora Nymph
“This was my first time seeing a professional, my first time with rope and my first time with an experienced person in BDSM. I had originally only booked one session, but it was so mind blowing and addicting that I just had to book another one almost straight away and I’m already dreaming of our third session together. Jaiden took what I wanted and added so much more to the experience that it went into the realm of my ultimate fantasies"
Shibari Session
“First suspension with Jaiden Lillith. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and alone in my life – but with so much strength in the loneliness. I’m aware I don’t experience rope like most bunnies seem to but Jaiden gave me strength when I was feeling so alone, I found strength in being by myself thanks to them. And being able to sit here afterwards, so strong in – and by – myself, is a greater gift than I ever could’ve thought possible. Thank you.” – Kristen (Suspension Shibari / Waxplay session)
Shibari & Waxplay Session

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If you have any questions, or would like to know more about Sai's sessions, please feel free to get in touch by filling in the Contact Form, and Sai will get back to you ASAP.

"There is no shame in your desire,
if it harms no-one"