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BDSM Melbourne is your ultimate retreat for exploring the intricate world of bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, and all the thrilling dynamic interplays within. Sai is dedicated to providing a safe, discreet, and exceptionally inviting environment for individuals and couples who wish to explore their kinky desires in the vibrant city of Melbourne.


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Meet Sai Jaiden Lillith: Your Expert in Erotic Exploration

Since entering the scene in 2015, Sai Jaiden Lillith has carved out a distinct presence in sexual wellness. With a history at elite spaces like Sydney's Temple 22 and the Kastle, Sai's breadth of knowledge spans continents, earning peer recognition and a litany of skills.

Sai's illustrious track record includes dazzling displays at OzKinkFest and Sexpo, essential contributions to event planning, and fostering welcoming, inclusive spaces, notably Sanctuary in Sydney and spaces across Melbourne.

Holding a key position at Domina Parties, Sai has crafted unforgettable experiences from Brisbane to Melbourne—imparting joy and excitement in the Australian BDSM community.

If you're intrigued by BDSM's allure or yearn for deeper, thrilling encounters, Sai Jaiden Lillith invites you to connect, whether you're a newcomer or seasoned adventurer. Reach out with confidence.

Embark on a Journey of Discovery: Sai's Services Unveiled

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Experience the Art of Bondage/Shibari

Indulge in the intricate beauty of Shibari, the Japanese art of rope bondage. At BDSM Melbourne, Sai entwines tradition with safety, ensuring each knot intensifies the experience while respecting your comfort and consent. Learn the ropes from an expert artisan and feel the unique blend of restraint and release.

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Delve into Your Fetish

Every individual’s fetish is a unique journey of exploration. Sai provides the map and compass for your adventure, with understanding and open-mindedness, to guide you towards new experiences, embracing the diversity and depth of personal preferences and kinks.


Embrace the Dynamics of Discipline

Discipline is a central pillar at BDSM Melbourne. Sai respects the roles and rules that define our exciting world. Enhance your understanding of control and surrender, and discover how discipline can set you free in ways you never imagined.

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Discover the Theater of Role Play

Role Play unravels the curtain to a stage where fantasy meets reality. Sai invites you to embody your most profound personas and narratives, in a space where your imagination can reign supreme, allowing you to explore characters, scenes, and scenarios in complete confidence.


Explore the Edge of Sadism

For those who are drawn to the edge of pleasure and pain, BDSM Melbourne offers a controlled environment to explore the thrilling aspects of sadism. Sai ensures that you can test your boundaries while upholding the highest standards of safety and consent.

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Learn with BDSM Training

Whether you are a curious novice or an experienced enthusiast, Sai provides comprehensive training sessions to enhance your knowledge and skills. From safety workshops to advanced technique classes, the training is designed to empower you to navigate the BDSM landscape with confidence and finesse.

Cient Testimonials

“I was nervous about my time with Mistress Sai Lillith, but I had no need to be. Within minutes I was under the spell, eagerly awaiting each delicious new sensation, being expertly teased and toyed with me, reading my body beautifully. Sai was very attentive, incorporating all of the elements I had mentioned wonderfully, as well as delightful and unexpected surprises. My only regret? Being so blissed out and in my body that I didn’t open my eyes more to drink in the stunning image above me. I cannot recommend making time to see Mistress Sai Lillith highly enough, a truly incredible experience awaits you!”
Nora Nymph
“This was my first time seeing a professional, my first time with rope and my first time with an experienced person in BDSM. I had originally only booked one session, but it was so mind blowing and addicting that I just had to book another one almost straight away and I’m already dreaming of our third session together. Sai Jaiden took what I wanted and added so much more to the experience that it went into the realm of my ultimate fantasies"
Shibari Session
“First suspension with Sai Jaiden Lillith. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and alone in my life – but with so much strength in the loneliness. I’m aware I don’t experience rope like most bunnies seem to but Jaiden gave me strength when I was feeling so alone, I found strength in being by myself thanks to them. And being able to sit here afterwards, so strong in – and by – myself, is a greater gift than I ever could’ve thought possible. Thank you.”
Shibari & Waxplay Session

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